It’s been one year since we found our way to the farm.  The sun comes up over Missionary Ridge at 9:05 am at this time of year and that first burst of light is so welcome.  

When we arrived the apple orchard hadn’t been cared for in many years.  

The trees had their first pruning in the early spring but we had a hard frost as the blossoms were setting so only a few trees have 

apples on them.  Maybe the trees needed year of rest and I’m sure bushels and bushels of fruit would have been overwhelming. 

The bear/elk/deer fence seems to be working.  We took a gamble and put a double split rail fencing on the west side of the farm, leaving a corridor open along the river bank so animals could continue to pass through.

Just learning about the land it what it needs to be cared for has been a privilege.  It’s been years since I’ve felt so connected to the dirt.  

It makes up for the irrigation that took weeks to work out and the ducklings who spend all their time putting as much food into their water as they can manage.



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