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Here, we share stories from the farm and some related reading material that inspires us.

What do farmers need to know about climate change?

This article by Alexis Dunnum, NFU Executive Assistant tackles the issues that farmers face with Climate Change and how drought can lead to production losses, affecting farming operations of all sizes.


Helping Ranchers Plan How Best to Pass land on to next generation

An article by Cooper McKim concerning the passing of land from one generation to the next. This is an excellent insight into the decreasing number of farms in the country as property values outpace potential revenue from agriculture. 



Education and training can help new farmers succeed, but new research points to systemic challenges that also need to be addressed. An article by Jesse Frost.


A good read.

An interesting article by Will Kearney on the relationship between ranchers and mutual success. Original article linked within. 


One year on

It’s been one year since we found our way to the farm.  The sun comes up over Missionary Ridge at 9:05 am at this time of year and that first burst of light is so welcome.  When we arrived the apple orchard hadn’t been cared for in many years.