Why Two Bears Farm?

About two years ago we started to consider what success to significance meant to us. Living closer to the land has always pulled at us but the day to day seemed to get in the way. We wanted to find a place with water and space to both share with others and grow as much of our food as possible. When we found our new home, it filled everything on our wish list. We hope you will come visit and see just how special the farm is. We have spectacular views of Missionary Ridge to the east and Animas City Mountain to the west. With over 500 feet of Animas River frontage, there is always something new to see; river otters, bald eagles and bears.

We knew the farm had some apple trees when we first arrived but after counting, there were over 65 heirloom trees. We quickly went to work buying sapling fruit trees to fill in the gaps where older apple trees were missing. After a good pruning and some care, we look forward to apple cider in 2018. The gardens were a more work as we not only started from scratch, but planted late after wrestling with irrigation and gophers. Rounding out the family, we have a pair of  KuneKune pigs and a small herd of Navajo Churro sheep.